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Prophetic Word

“Diversity Movement”

August 7th, 2020

Note: The Lord had been speaking to me about J-Fest (Musical Gospel Event) held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but this was a figurative word for something bigger which led me to the actual radio station J-107. I know now that this meant to spread this Kingdom word to the Body of Christ over the airwaves to address certain issues from the Lord. I then met Bobby Daniels days later and I looked down at his shirt and there was the word J-fest. Bobby said to me that he knew me from somewhere, which could have been because I visited the radio station to promote and advertise our church on radio a year or so ago. We exchanged pleasantries and said we would connect later. I then called the radio station twice looking to speak with Bobby, but couldn’t connect with him and on the second time calling him, I believe Bobby called me or something, and when I called the station again on August 7th, 2020, the Word of the Lord came to me saying, “Diversity.” I then hung up and the Prophetic Word came to me immediately after hanging up, saying:

Prophetic Word

“Diversity Movement”, against all division in the church, the Body of Christ and every area of society that a believer is called a believer, for there is no other way with God in working in and with His children Diversity or nothing at all, and all those that call themselves Christians or my children will be exposed. I will give a short time of repentance for some, but those who have been operating in racism, division, or any injustice that does not give glory to me and my Son Jesus, will be dealt with swiftly, Thus says the Spirit of the Lord.”

In The Masters Service,

Brian L. Morgan – Founder/Apostle

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March 3rd 2019 Kingdom Mandate for the Body of Christ

Immense power has been given to take all lands of occupation by the enemy, this Kingdom mandate has been given to those kings called by God and the Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of Holy Spirit, the Holy Angels. God is commanding that those called to take regions, cities, lands, nations, countries and the world must move with great urgency those places which have been designated by the Lord Jesus and to deliver those who are lost in Satans trap, un-be-known to most of them. These kings are to push back all demonic forces with great power by the hand of the living God, to destroy the works of the devil to uncover those plots and lifestyles that are freely being lived in and done daily. It must be that those situations be uncovered and realized by those living in them, and that they will recognize that God has a greater life for them hidden in Christ. This mandate must proceed endlessly into the coming of the Lord, training and sending those out into all territories of influence, unrelenting attack against every evil situation and circumstance that is it will be pushed back and destroyed. This again is a now word for those called to walk in such power and authority, Thus says the Spirit of the Lord!!!

Prophetic Word for Body of Christ

March 3rd, 2018

This time now is the deep waters of God, to push back all principalities and powers that are perpetuating against the people of God. To show great force against the devil that he knows and is reminded of his impending defeat, that he knows that the son’s of God are armed and ready to execute judgment upon his head at every turn of his attempt to assault Gods people. To get those people prepared and ready to fight against all darkness and wickedness in each city, to bring down its main assaults against that city and Gods people; ready yourself Brian for this time is now and well over due for you to bring great assault on the enemies camp, in every facet of the devils operation, again to the winning of much souls for the Kingdom of God and of the Kingdom of heaven, thus says your God and Savior and by the power of Holy Spirit and with the Angels of God working with those trained and ready to go into each city that the Lord has given you to go into

2017 Prophetic Word for the

Body of Christ

The year of Gods Manifested Blessings on the Body of Christ, to those who have fought hard in the fight of faith, by seeking His face and by decreeing and declaring, His promises, a great payday in every aspect of Life, will come forth out of heaven, from the north, south, east, and the west for all those who have stood on the Word of God. The year of plenty will be what it will be for the faithful children of the Lord, and those who will hear this decree and begin to line up with it, the blessings will manifest in their lives as well, but all must continue to be steadfast in their confession of faith to the very end of every situation, those continuing into my rest of victory will have their day of my splendor for all the year to come, Thus, says the Lord God Jehovah!

Prophetic Word for the

Body of Christ 2016

The year of Gods hidden Glory revealed to the Body of Christ, those called to walk in such power, to release the captives and to bring recompense to the world, to uncover plots of the enemy, to lay at waste all demonic influences who are stopping Gods people from flourishing in what they are called to do for the Kingdom of God and of heaven. Looking toward heavens elite host of angels to partner with those kings and priest of the earth, those sons, who know who they are, and where they come from, and what they are called to do, is the sound of the day, to fulfill prophecy that have been spoken to each of Gods saints and to have their assignments explained clearly on each mission of God, who will have His Son leading the charge with His angels, visiting those that are ready to take regions in the earth. Holy Spirit will be awakening those who are called to these monumental tasks. (The Lord addressing me), Brian you are to lead in those tasks given you by God and to train disciples to carry-out those tasks to fulfill your calling and mandate given by heaven, walking in great power, resulting in saving souls and the empowering of multitudes of souls, for Gods end-time army, you have been prepared and are being prepared and you are ready to set out on this mission to fulfill what God has given you to do, to win back the lost, and change the tide of this worlds system to make Kingdom citizens of those who are lost in Satans trap, you have been given power to loose those captives from the snare of the enemy, along with your wife and a host of others. Be ready because the time is now! Thus, says your God and Savior, and of the Holy Ghost, It is so, Now!!! Wait Know Longer!!

Revelation from Heaven on Economy

The Lord gave me a revelation on May 9th, 2016 regarding Kingdom Operation and Wealth, saying He has made great wealth and inheritance that runs not out, spiritually and naturally. A kings’ ransom, fit for His rule given from the heavenly realm in each area of dominion and rule there is great wealth, the spoils of your labor to take all resources in each region, realm, province of that city, state, and country. The rule of the Kingdom takes its place as ruler in the realm of the Spirit, which has jurisdiction over all governmental, militarily and financially; unbeknown to the natural ruler-ship those that don’t understand kingdom ruler-ship in the earth. This authority is Jesus delegated power given to those kings that know their place in Gods Kingdom, then get their churches up in the areas which have opened the flood gates of heaven on earth, each area of which the church is set-up, must be first taken over by Kingdom Government…. then it turns the people taken out of Satan Kingdom over to the priest (church) for discipleship and training.

November 20th, 2016 Sunday 2: 35 pm

Word of the Lord:

There is here in Chattanooga a great Awakening for the children of God, to brake-down the walls of separation to open our hearts and minds to the newness of life, that we won’t be held in check by any denominational lines of men, who are set in their ways, even things I have given in the past for the churches edification. I am ready and willing to pour into my people new wine into new wine skin more and more and to brake-down those religious tendencies that have kept my people bound. Now is the time for my great Awakening to break- through this city and take my people to places that they have not gone before. Thus, says the Spirit of the Lord!

March 26th ,2017

Strongman Spirit in Chattanooga

Spirit of Religion

During my prayer time, I received a revelation of the spirit of religion, which is the most diabolical spirit that exist here in Chattanooga in any city that is run for the most part by the enemy. The churches at large have been non-existent in most cases when it comes to changing the areas of influences. Now this religious spirit is cunning and crafty and plays the harlot because it will lure you into this spirit of church acceptance or maintain awareness of church acceptability in society and in the community. But churches don’t have that take over and change Spirit that is needed to win the city and that state; to clarify what I mean in the last few sentences is that the city in Chattanooga is comfortable with the just fitting in position or that you must be connected to those who are in the most influential positions on the boards of certain prominent organizations, those that are looked upon as leaders. The families who have made a name for themselves. I did hear, I believe the spirit behind this religious spirit is “Apollyon”. The Destroyer.

March 26th, 2017 Tongues & Interpretation

Now is the time for my Kingdom to be seen through you at unprecedented time of my Glory to now be seen through you Brian. Now is this place (Chattanooga) that you’re in, fulfilled by my very Words to you, walk my son in this marvelous place for my Kingdom & yours, Thus says your Lord God.

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